Europe would help 'attract' players - Robinson

Stephen Robinson says leading St Mirren to European football for the time since 1987 would help the club make it easier to attract players

However, a top-five finish probably wouldn’t lead to his budget being increased for next season.

The Northern Irishman says next term’s finances were agreed before the split.

‘’The board are very good, we know what parameters we work under. We get supported as much as we possibly can to push on and grow the club.

"I knew my budget before the top six, it’s slightly raised so we might get another player.’’

Robinson is already working hard to attract players for the next campaign while they look to secure a trip to continent.

‘’We’ve had lots of talks, we have lots of things ready to go waiting for final answers and for people to speak to their own parent clubs.

"We’ve had a couple that have let us down, a couple that maybe agreed pre-contracts that have been enticed elsewhere.

"The English season finishes for a lot of people on Saturday and we have a lot of irons in the fire and hopefully things will start falling into place in the next couple of weeks.

‘’Europe – would help attract players and raise our profile when you are selling the club.’’

European qualification would also be a fitting reward for people who work tirelessly behind the scenes at the club, Robinson adds.

"People don’t see the hard work that goes into the club," he said.

"There’s people at the stadium who work long hard hours: the cooks the cleaners, people come here at 6am and clean the building.

‘’We’d love to do it for them because a lot of them are St Mirren fans and have been here for a long time all the people at the club deserve that success for their work and we aim to give them that.’’