EU membership for Ukraine unattainable without addressing the Volyn tragedy — Poland

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Polish flag

Ukraine “cannot dream” of joining the European Union until it allows the exhumation and reburial of Polish victims of the Volhynia Massacres, Poland's deputy foreign minister Paweł Jabłoński said in an interview with Polish radio station ZET on Nov. 7.

In the interview, Jabłoński emphasized that exhumation has already begun on the first burial site that was subject to negotiations with Ukrainian authorities. This refers to the village of Puzhnyky in Ternopil Oblast.

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He also mentioned that Polish authorities will continue efforts to ensure that permission for exhumation is granted as soon as possible.

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“In our opinion, without resolving this issue – which many Ukrainians are also realizing – Ukraine cannot dream about joining the European Union," said Jabłoński.

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He further added that Polish officials will emphasize that without addressing this situation, it will be impossible to build long-term reconciliation with Ukraine.

According to Polish records, during the Nazi occupation, Ukrainian nationalists killed 100,000 Poles in a series of ethnic cleansings in Volyn.

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