Ethics Committee Will Not Ask for George Santos’ Expulsion, Chairman Says

Julia Nikhinson/Reuters
Julia Nikhinson/Reuters

The House Ethics Committee will not push for any penalty against Rep. George Santos (R-NY) following its months-long review, Chairman Michael Guest (R-MS) said on Wednesday. Guest told CNN that the committee would make its report public and allow Congress members to make their own judgment on whether Santos should be expelled. He also said that suggesting a particular punishment would have elongated the investigation into 2024. According to ABC7, the committee had heard from at least 40 witnesses, reviewed 170,000 pages of documents, and filed more than three dozen subpoenas. But CNN reported that the inaction would make it more difficult to kick Santos out with a two-thirds majority, since many House Republicans were waiting to follow the ethics panel’s recommendation. The congressman has pleaded not guilty to 23 charges, including fraud, misusing campaign funds, and lying about personal finances. Santos told CNN that he had “no concerns” regarding the report, which is expected to drop as soon as Thursday.

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