EmRata Is Peach-Emoji-Perfect in a Tiny Black Thong

emily ratajkowski butt thong
EmRata Flaunts Epic Thong in New PicsDia Dipasupil - Getty Images

It’s a well-known fact that Emily Ratajkowski is seriously strong and toned, but sometimes the world just needs a little reminder. Case in point: Her latest Instagram post.

EmRata casually dropped pics from a new photoshoot, and in one pic, her sculpted booty is on full display. Swipe, and you'll see Emily’s toned butt captured from behind as she models a jersey over a black thong, followed by a close-up shot of Emily’s face, and then a pic of her nails with a large bug on top. Finally, there are topless shots of Emily from the front as she shows off her sculpted abs.

Emily kept the caption simple, writing, “🍑🪳✨❤️🔥.” Of course, her friends and fans definitely noticed how toned her booty is these days. “💥💥💥,” one commenter wrote, while another said, “So fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

If you're curious to know more about her health and wellness routines, you should know that Emily works hard to get so strong, and she doesn't make any secret of that fact. That being said, Emily is also open about the fact that she struggles with the motivation to work out sometimes.

“I'm one of those people who, if I go to the gym by myself, there's a 50/50 chance of me actually working out and really pushing myself,” she previously told InStyle. “The class environment works really, really well for me.”

BTW, Emily is a spokesperson for Strong by Zumba, and she said the driving music helps keep her “really focused and in the zone.”

“You just feel like you're, you know, Superwoman really pushing herself. You end up working harder and it's a better, more intense workout, without even noticing,” she said.

Emily actually prefers to exercise in the evening—it helps her sleep better. “For me, the way I sleep afterward is one of the main reasons to work out,” she said. “When I work out, it's better than taking a melatonin. Because my body has worked hard, my brain finally rests and I think that is so valuable in this day and age—not to sound like an old geezer, but truly I feel that way.”

When she doesn't want to opt for a structured fitness class, Emily told InStyle that she'll hit a trail for a hiek or do some yoga, too. She's even dropped some behind-the-scenes videos on TikTok of herself walking her dog with her son on the beach, as well as doing other outdoor activities that’ll definitely get your HR up.

As for her diet, Emily has shared little snippets about her eating plan over time. She usually starts her day with coffee, along with granola, yogurt, or toast, per Vogue. Lunch is usually some kind of protein and greens, although it could be a sandwich, according to Harper’s Bazaar. She’s also big on cooking her own food. “You know how much salt and sugar and all of that kind of stuff you are putting in your body,” she explained to Elle.

“I'm a carnivore,” Emily told Elle. “I really like to eat meat. I crave iron so I am definitely not the kind of person who you will find eating [just] a salad. I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy.”

Keep doing you, EmRata!

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