Taylor Swift fans are freaking out about this secret message in her new 'Delicate' music video

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Taylor Swift may be singing about her bad reputation on “Delicate,” but the song’s just-released music video is doing wonders for her image.

Though some have dismissed recent videos like “Look What You Made Me Do” as being petty and full of “disses” aimed at Swift’s critics, “Delicate” is earning raves for promoting a more positive message of self-love.

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The video, directed by longtime Swift collaborator Joseph Kahn, shows the pop star surrounded by paparazzi and screaming fans. Once they leave, however, loneliness sets in. The true Swift is portrayed as not just a superstar but as an adorably awkward soul who makes goofy faces in the mirror.

And then poof! After being passed a note, she’s made invisible. Stunned by her new powers, Swift dances with abandon through her grand hotel and onto the streets, not even letting a fierce rainstorm or filthy subway car floors stop her from celebrating her newfound freedom. Eventually, she boogies her way into a bar, where her invisibility wears off and she’s at last truly seen and accepted for who she is by an anonymous suitor (presumably her real-life boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn).

Fans have fallen hard for the video — which many have compared with Britney Spears’ “Lucky” — and its celebration of being yourself, quirks and all. In Swift’s case, that’s her dancing. Though her moves have been mercilessly mocked many times, she dances throughout “Delicate,” proving that no critic can keep her down.

Here’s to dancing in the rain and not caring what anyone thinks.

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