Emmerdale confirms Gabby Thomas' future after exit threat

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Gabby Thomas has called off her exit plans in Emmerdale.

Wednesday's (September 20) episode dealt with the fallout of Jacob's allergic reaction to peanuts at Hide, thanks to an unfortunate mistake from Victoria.

Jacob stunned Victoria as he was recovering in hospital by revealing he had romantic feelings for her, though she made a quick exit before he could fully explain himself.

Before the disastrous accident, Gabby had been planning to sell Hide so she'd have enough cash to move away from the village with son Thomas.

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She later visited Jacob to promise that Hide was undertaking a full review of its kitchen policies to make sure no mistakes like this would ever happen again.

"We realise we're in the wrong," Gabby confessed, before Jacob stopped her: "Gabby, I'm not blaming you."

Gabby breathed a sigh of relief, especially after Jacob promised he'd tried to get Leyla to "back off" with her legal threats.

Unfortunately for Gabby, the local council was now investigating Hide so she had no choice but to take it off the market and cancel her plans to move away.

"There's tonnes of council investigations going on, and if the press hear about this, you can wave goodbye to the customers as well," she grumbled.

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"There's no way I can leave now… Me and Thomas are going to be stuck here forever."

While Jacob tried to convince Gabby to give Victoria her job back, his friend refused because of how close Jacob came to dying.

"I know you feel sorry for her, but just don't even give her a second thought," Gabby urged.

Meanwhile, David had planned a night in to comfort Victoria and promised he'd never turn his back on her.

"You can't keep blaming yourself for what happened," David encouraged her.

David suggested they go out in the village together "to prove there are no hard feelings", yet he had an ulterior motive because he was trying to win her back.

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"It's a date," Victoria excitedly told him.

Will David end up disappointed over his "date" with Victoria?

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