Update emerges on Jennifer Garner after alleged tense Thanksgiving flare-up with ex Ben Affleck


Jennifer Garner is back to work after an up-and-down weekend with her family and ex-husband.

The actress was spotted looking cheerful this week: First on Monday, when she was seen chatting on the phone during a neighborhood walk, and then again on Tuesday, where onlookers saw her on set of her new Netflix film "Yes Day," the Daily Mail reports.

Garner's pleasant demeanor comes a few days after a reportedly tense conversation with ex Ben Affleck that unfolded outside her home on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Both parties looked heated as they engaged in an "animated" back-and-forth, with Affleck making forceful hand motions as the situation unfolded.

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After the dispute, Garner was seen getting behind the wheel of Affleck's car to allegedly drive him to a "remote hotel near Santa Barbara."

Despite the Friday tension, it was overall a family-oriented weekend for the exes: Before the alleged disagreement, they had seen a movie with their kids and Affleck's mother, and later in the weekend, they took their kids out on a Christmas tree shopping excursion.

Affleck has publicly struggled to maintain sobriety in recent months, admitting in October 2019 that he had "a slip" in his progress after TMZ captured footage of him at a party.

In addressing the controversy, he said he hoped to shine a light on issues other than his own by making a donation to charity organization The Midnight Mission. "I have been in recovery for over a year and part of that is helping out others," he wrote on Instagram.

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