Elmo's Disturbing Leap Day Post Is Going Viral Because It's Really Freaking People Out

Happy Leap Day!

Calendar showing February 29, 2024, which is a Thursday
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The one day every four years when our employers squeeze out one extra day of work for free!

Elderly woman using a laptop outdoors, holding a mug. She appears thoughtful or concerned
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One muppet celebrated the occasion with a post on X, and it's truly freaking people out.

Close-up of Elmo from Sesame Street
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Here it is:

Twitter: @elmo

As you can see, it's pretty messed up!

Twitter: @HappyWeirdos69

"This is my sleep paralysis demon built on decades of unresolved childhood trauma," one person commented.

Twitter: @yotsubear

"Elmo, what the hell man?" another person chimed in.

Twitter: @phosphor_glow

This person screamed, "Wtf they do to my boy elmo???"

Twitter: @AliceClimbers

The post quickly went viral.

Twitter: @hurleyquinnzel

People were (rightfully) freaked out.

Jim Henson/ Twitter: @JMC13026261

Some apologized for trauma dumping on him a few weeks ago.

Twitter: @JordanManning4

Others called it an abomination.

Twitter: @snockhit

And tons of people begged him to delete it.

Twitter: @trashbag46

Basically, my timeline is full of people talking about Willy Wonka, Kate Middleton, and now this scary little shit.

Twitter: @carazelaya

I hope we never have to see it again.

Twitter: @PineCellar