Ellen tells Megyn Kelly why she won’t let Trump on her show

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When Megyn Kelly visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she asked DeGeneres if she would have President Trump on her show as a guest. Without hesitation, DeGeneres said that she wouldn’t.

DeGeneres explained, “He is who he is and he has enough attention, and he has his Twitter account, and he has ways to get his message across. There’s nothing I’m going to say to him that’s going to change him. And I don’t want to give him a platform because it just — it validates him. And for me to have someone on the show I have to at least admire them in some way. And I can’t have someone that I feel is not only dangerous for the country, and me personally as a gay woman, but to the world. He is dividing all of us. I don’t want him on the show.”

Megyn Kelly, who’s been the subject of Trump’s Twitter rants, said that she wouldn’t say no to having the sitting president on as a guest. DeGeneres joked, “Now I’m going to get bad tweets.”

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