An Electric Cadillac V-Series Will Be Teased Soon

cadillac lyriq concept
An Electric Cadillac V-Series Is Coming SoonCadillac

After more than a century of building cars designed for comfort, Cadillac debuted its first lineup of V-Series performance cars in 2004. Twenty years later, the brand plans to celebrate the V badge legacy by diving into performance EVs.

On a call with journalists attended by Road & Track last week, a Cadillac representative said that the brand will show an “interpretation of what a V-Series would look like in EV form” in 2024. The spokesperson also said the automaker "will offer performance variants no matter the propulsion," suggesting that the V-Series badge is here to stay in a world of IQ-branded Escalades and other electric Cadillac creations.

That phrasing suggests that Cadillac will debut its electric performance plans as a concept, although an EV concept can become an EV performance car with surprising speed. Cadillac debuted the Celestiq ultra-luxury car with a concept in July 2022 before showing the production car just three months later.

The Celestiq is one of five announced Cadillac EVs, joining the Lyriq, the Vistiq, the Optiq, and the Escalade IQ. All but the massive Celestiq are crossovers or SUVs, leaving room in the lineup for a performance sedan or even a coupe like the short-lived ELR.

Cadillac has yet to integrate batteries into any of its performance road cars, but the brand races a hybrid in sports cars and plans to do the same in Formula 1 in the near future. The V-Series.R racer features a naturally aspirated V-8 that roars to life from the complete silence of electric power at racing speeds, an unlikely addition to a modern EV.

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