Ed Sheeran Tried Serenading Cats and Failed Miserably to Impress Them

 Ed Sheeran serenading cats.
Ed Sheeran serenading cats.

Ed Sheeran—for reasons unknown—has tried and failed to serenade some cats, and it wasn't his first time pulling this stunt, either.

The famous ginger installed himself in a cat café with his acoustic guitar and tried to sing his ballad "Thinking Out Loud" while the felines were eating, but it was immediately clear that they would have far preferred if he'd kept his thoughts to himself, thank you very much.

Sheeran posted a video of the interaction on Instagram, which showed a bunch of cats running away from him in fear as soon as he strummed his instrument—except for one brave (or hungry, I guess) ginger cat.

A commenter joked, "I love how the only one that wasn't scared of the guitar was a ginger"

As he sang, some of the cats appeared to glare at him for disturbing their mealtime, all while keeping a safe distance. Only one unbothered gray cat stuck to his munching.

Someone else wrote, "I am the last lone grey cat here for food and a concert"

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Sheeran captioned his video, "Trying to win over the same kitties that ran away from me in 2014, same results" because he had tried to sing the exact same song to the exact same cats at the time the single came out, and they'd been exactly as unimpressed at the time.

The singer semi-regularly likes to play gigs in out-of-left-field settings, such as—say—a Lego store in a Minnesota shopping mall. Well, you do you, boo!