How You Should Eat Your Eggs In The Morning, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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How do you take your eggs in the morning? Scrambled? Poached? What about sunny-side up? Or over easy? Come to think of it, what's the difference? There are many ways to cook eggs, and odds are the way you order them is about as particular as how you prefer your toast or coffee — and, just like those examples, it can say a lot about you. Whether you like a soft scramble rolled into a breakfast burrito, a perfect poach over a bed of gold hashbrowns, or an egg nicely fried and placed ever so nicely atop your avocado toast, few things are as telling about a person than the way they take their eggs. Aside from their zodiac sign, of course.

Zodiac signs are about as ubiquitous to society as eggs are for breakfast — and, although there are some fabulous egg substitutes out there, there's no escaping either. From your dating profile to office luncheons, you're bound to be asked what your sign is at any given time of day, and you better be prepared to be slightly judged for it. Your eggs, on the other hand, are usually reserved for the mornings, if not brunch. They're also a fairly judgment-free topic, as long as they're also antibiotic and cage-free. At the end of the day, an egg is an egg, no matter how you crack it. But why not try eating them based on your zodiac sign, just for fun?

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scrambled eggs on toast
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As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries doesn't inherit any wisdom from the ones that come before it — which means that these signs have a lot to learn. But that doesn't mean they aren't lovely to be around. Aries are fire signs, and they have a big presence that lights up any room they walk into. At the same time, they can be particularly demanding when it comes to their wants and needs. These signs expect your full attention, and while they are giving, warm, and generous, they can also be overbearing. Given how energetic they are, it can easily become exhausting, and that's especially true if you're participating in anything competitive. Although, these signs tend to make everything into a competition.

Apparently, being the first signs of the zodiac isn't enough for these signs — they want to be first in every other aspect of their lives, too. So, to maintain these signs' fragile egos and deep, insecurity-driven superiority complex, the way that the Aries should eat their eggs in the morning is the way Americans tend to like the most: scrambled. According to a YouGov survey, more than a third of Americans order their eggs scrambled for breakfast, making it the leading egg option on the menu. That should satisfy these signs' egos, but also their stomachs. Serve the scrambled eggs soft and fluffy with toast, wrapped in a warm tortilla, or atop a lox bagel; the options are endless — and, more importantly, they're all winners.


omelete on plate
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Tauruses are often thought of as stubborn, disinterested, and even lazy. While they can come off that way, and that may even be partly true, it's the reasoning behind it that many people don't understand. These signs prioritize their comfort, and they tend to live their lives at a slower pace than the rest of us. But that's only because they like to analyze everything — which in turn makes them so stubborn. They simply know what they want, and if it's not it, they'd rather have nothing. Don't bother trying to convince them otherwise. Hence, Tauruses would always want their preferred egg style to be on the menu and have it customizable.

So, if there is one way that the Taurus should eat their eggs in the morning, it'd be in the form of an omelet. Not only are they nearly impossible to mess up, but they're also completely customizable. You can throw in some cheese, veggies, potatoes, bacon, or even sausage and have a well-rounded breakfast in no time. Served with a side of fresh-baked sourdough bread and orange juice — or whatever juice these signs prefer — it really doesn't get much better, and if there's anything these signs know, it's what is and isn't the best of the best. As long as they're in control of what exactly is going in it and not necessarily preparing it, these signs should be more than happy with their morning omelet.


over easy eggs on frying pan
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Of all the zodiac signs, Geminis are arguably the most misunderstood. Some things people say about them are true, however, like the fact that they're notorious gossipers or that they are a tad bit disassociated, emotionally, that is. But the main criticism these signs get the most is something that isn't actually true. Represented by twins, which, unfortunately for these signs, is also symbolized by two masks, it's probably no surprise why Geminis are presumed to be two-faced. The reason for the twin reference, however, has nothing to do with double motives and has everything to do with how social and curious these signs are. So, because Geminis are often associated with having two sides, the way they should eat their eggs in the morning is fried and flipped — that way, they get cooked on both sides.

There are two ways to fry an egg: You either flip it or you don't. While a bit more challenging, flipping your fried eggs results in what's widely known as an over-easy egg — the "over" being in reference to the flipping, and the "easy" being in reference to the doneness of the egg. This way, you get an egg with a nice crispy bottom and a top that's set just enough so that the yolk is contained but still runny.


soft boiled egg close up
soft boiled egg close up - Mtreasure/Getty Images

Enigmatic, loyal, intuitive, and charming, there's not much bad you can say about Cancers. These signs have a deep desire to be as close and connected to the people they love as possible, and they make it a point to maintain those relationships, too. Not only that, they're also creative and imaginative. Their appreciation for beauty means they almost always look good, and the same can be said about their homes — which they're more than happy to invite you into. Of course, every sign has its downfalls, and Cancers are no exception. Because they are so empathic and emotional, their moods can change fast. They're also loyal to a fault, which can get them mixed into some pretty messy situations. The thing is, though, very few people get to see all sides of these signs, if any.

Like the crabs that represent them, Cancers hide behind hard shells. While they may come off as cold and distant at first, inside, they're really just big softies. That's why, if Cancers were to eat their eggs any way in particular, they'd be soft-boiled. Simple, soft-boiled eggs are left in boiling water for approximately six minutes. Then, they're placed in cold water until they're cool enough to peel — which is, arguably, the hardest part — soft-boiled eggs are unlike hard-boiled eggs in that the yolks remain runny.  So, just like getting to know a Cancer, you'll be met with a soft, melted center, but only after you get past their hard shells.


sunny side up egg on avocado toast
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Born between July and August, Leos are considered the summertime babies of the zodiac — and they have the personalities to match. They love being the center of attention, and their big personalities make it easy for them. But it's not just about the limelight. Like their planetary ruler, the sun, Leos have a tendency to think that the world revolves around them, but they also genuinely enjoy being a source of positivity for others, and nobody lives it up quite like they do. If the saying "live your life to the fullest" belonged to any zodiac sign, it'd be the Leo, and considering their positive approach to life and their association with the sun, it's probably no surprise that if the Leo were to eat their eggs any way in the morning, it'd be sunny side up.

You're probably wondering what makes sunny-side-up eggs different from over-easy? Just like how Leos are the superstars of the zodiac, sunny-side-up eggs are essentially the models of all egg preparations. Their cooked whites and centered orange, runny yolks are a picture of perfection, depicting an image that is essentially a universal symbol for eggs — no flipping necessary. Much like the famous Leo that is Madonna, no matter where you are in the world, if you show someone a picture of a sunny-side-up egg, they'll know exactly what you're talking about. Add it to yesterday's leftover lo-mein, pizza, or roasted vegetables, and you have yourself a show-stopping breakfast each and every time.


poached egg on toast
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No star sign has standards quite as high as Virgos — they're the perfectionists of all perfectionists. They put a lot of effort into making it look effortless, too. The truth is, though, these signs don't just thrive in the nitty-gritty details; they need it. If anything, for their self-esteem — but they also enjoy helping people and will happily take on extra tasks for others. Virgos are a bit like computers; they enjoy the process of dealing with jumbles of information and turning them into something clear and concise just as much as the end result. It's as if they need to constantly be productive in order to distract themselves from the things they can't control. That's exactly why, if the Virgo were to eat their eggs any specific way in the morning, they'd be poached.

Poaching eggs is serious business, and it can take some serious attention to detail — so much so that Tasting Table accumulated 14 tips to get perfectly poached eggs from celebrity chefs. The Virgo will surely follow each one, too, and to absolutely no one's surprise, they'll likely get it just right. The ideal poached egg is cooked ever so slightly in hot water, resulting in egg whites that have set delicately around a barely cooked yolk. But, before they get there, these signs might mess up at least one. Practice does make perfect, after all. Plus, it would give these signs an opportunity to appreciate their imperfections for once.


steak with sous vide egg
steak with sous vide egg - Ryzhkov Photography/Shutterstock

There's a reason why Libras are represented by the scale — the only inanimate object of the zodiac — and it's because they're obsessed with balance. As the aesthetes of the zodiac, people observe this most prominently in the Libra's sense of style, decor, and art. These signs have an innate appreciation for beauty, and they're their own example. However, what people don't see is the Libras' dedication to achieving equilibrium in all facets of their lives. That's why the way Libras should eat their eggs in the morning is one that demonstrates just that.

If the Libra were to eat their eggs in the morning in any way in particular, it'd be a sous vide. Sous vide eggs are prepared by placing eggs inside a vacuum-sealed container or bag and cooking them in a warm water bath. This process cooks the eggs low and slow and results in an egg that is evenly cooked by all accounts, which means you don't have to worry about overcooking your yolks or undercooking your whites. It's the ideal style of egg for Libras and restaurants because it gives you an evenly cooked egg every single time.


hard boiled egg on toast
hard boiled egg on toast - Oksana Mizina/Shutterstock

Few signs have the reputations that Scorpios do — good or bad. Smart, shrewd, and stoic, Scorpios come across as intimidating because they are. Not much fazes them, and while they certainly will have thoughts and intentions, they'll hardly ever voice them. A part of what makes these signs so powerful is their mystery, and they always have an agenda they're working toward. These signs are passionate and intense, and they can easily come across as obsessive and controlling. While they're extremely loyal and protective, they're also extremely vengeful, and if you cross them, you should know that their revenge will come when you least expect it.

Like a true Scorpion, these signs know the perfect time to strike — and they're not afraid to play the long game to see it through. The longer, the better, in fact, which is why, if these signs had their eggs any way in the morning, they'd be hard-boiled. Unlike a soft boil, which comes out runny on the inside, the yolks of an egg that's been hard-boiled are fully cooked through. You have to take them out late enough so that the yolks don't run and just early enough so that the texture doesn't come out overdone. The process is meticulous and strategic, just like the Scorpio's approach. It also goes to show that these signs are just as hard on the inside as they are on the out.


woman's hand holding sfinz
woman's hand holding sfinz - Thao Lan/Shutterstock

Sagittariuses are lively and energetic, with a clown-like energy that will have you in for lots of laughs. If they're known for anything, it's their honesty, lack of filter, and also their infectious optimism. On the other hand, these signs are much more philosophical than they come off. Represented by the archer, the Sagittarius sees life as an adventure — every opportunity and life change is a chance for them to expand their understanding of the world. They're the type of people who prefer to march to the beat of their own drum, and they need to have the freedom to roam freely. Rules, regulations, constraints, and schedules just don't sit well for these signs.

Given their consumption with wanderlust, it's clear that, of all the star signs on the zodiac calendar, Sagittariuses make the best travel companions — and the way they should eat their eggs in the morning is one that's best enjoyed in a far-off place. Nobody knows more about that than Anthony Bourdain, who, in the first season of "Parts Unknown" visited Libya and enjoyed his morning eggs the exact way a Sagittarius should, in the form of sfenj, also known as sfinz. Sfenj is a North African pastry made by stretching a donut-like dough into a flat shape in hot frying oil and dropping an egg in the middle. It's then served with chili paste and cheese to create a savory egg pastry that's a breakfast staple.


baked egg bites
baked egg bites - Debbismirnoff/Getty Images

Represented by the sea goat — a mythical creature that is half fish and half goat — Capricorns have the magical ability to age backward, becoming increasingly playful, optimistic, and mischievous as they get older. The latter part of their lives, however, are spent doing exactly as their spirit animals suggest, and that's climbing. These signs are resilient, dedicated, and hard-working, with a confident, goal-setting attitude that makes them perfectly attuned to becoming workaholics, which is what they're most known for. While they enjoy the responsibility and influence that success brings them, what these signs must be wary of is the burnout that can come along with their persistence.

Knowing Capricorns, this isn't the first time they've been advised to let loose. But, these signs will continue pushing on until they see it through to their goal — and the next one and the next. In the meantime, they should at least make sure they're getting in the most important meal of the day, eggs included. If the Capricorn were to eat them in any way specific, it'd been in the form of egg bites. Essentially bite-sized frittatas, egg bites are made by baking whisked eggs in muffin tins. You can make them with any additional veggies, cheeses, or proteins you choose. The point is, though, that you can make them ahead of time and take them with you in the morning when you're rushing to work, perfect for the big boss Capricorns!


pickled eggs in herby brine
pickled eggs in herby brine - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Though they have "aqua" in their names, Aquariuses are air signs, which only goes to show how nonconforming they truly are. Ruled by the planet Uranus — the planet most associated with invention and innovation — it's only natural that the Aquarius be the trendsetter of the zodiac. These signs show a cold shoulder to anything considered normal or mainstream, whether that be ideas, opinions, art, or fashion. This means that, more often than not, the Aquarius is going against the grain — defining what's cool way before the rest of us catch on. It's the reason why they are happy to be divergent from the masses. The same thing goes for their eggs.

Just like their sense of fashion, asymmetrical haircuts, odd hobbies, and unpopular opinions, the way that Aquariuses should eat their eggs in the morning is not necessarily in demand — and that's because they're pickled. While they're a common road trip snack in the South, the larger part of society isn't partaking in the pickling of the eggs. Unsurprisingly, only roughly .12% of restaurants offer the hearty, tangy, bouncy, brined egg on their menus, according to Tastewise. They may be somewhat peculiar, and they definitely garner opinions, but that's what makes them perfectly suited to these free–thinking signs. In fact, it will likely only make them want to eat them more. Just wait, because once they do, you'll be seeing herby pickled eggs on all the juice bar menus.


french omelet with salad
french omelet with salad - Zolga_f/Getty Images

As the final sign of the zodiac calendar, it is believed that Pisces succeeded all of the knowledge and life learnings of the previous signs. As a result, these signs are especially intuitive, sensitive, creative, romantic, empathic, and imaginative. They're the dreamers of the zodiac — always somewhere far away, lost in the complexities of their own inner worlds, which is aptly represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. It's also why they're considered the artists of the zodiac, as they're able to fearlessly channel their deepest feelings into films, photography, paintings, poems, or whatever other creative pursuit they see fit. For that reason, the way Pisces should eat their eggs is considered an art form in and of itself — the French omelet.

The French are famous for a few things — romance, art, and food, but namely their omelets. There's a reason why it's called the culinary arts, and mastering the French omelet is a standard skill all chefs must learn. These omelets are rolled rather than folded and almost impossibly even. Made with butter, eggs, and fresh herbs, they look deceptively simple but take an avid amount of technique to perfect. Once mastered, however, chefs have the free reign to create and express themselves through their cuisine — making it not only the first form of eggs that the Pisces should eat for breakfast but learn to prepare for themselves. Who knows? Maybe cooking will be their next artistic pursuit.

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