EastEnders' Lily Slater rejects mum Stacey in heartbreaking scenes

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Lily Slater has rejected mum Stacey in heartbreaking EastEnders scenes after the latter's secret is exposed.

The teenager reacted badly when best friend Amy Mitchell revealed earlier this week that other students had discovered Stacey's explicit photos on an adult website.

In Tuesday's episode (May 23), Stacey was left scrambling to explain in front of mum Jean Slater and boyfriend Harvey Monroe until they left in order to avoid the awkward chat.

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Stacey got even more bad news when she found out the parents at Lily's school were calling an emergency meeting to discuss the photos. After some supportive words from Martin Fowler, Stacey turned up at the school meeting to give the nosy parents a piece of her mind.

"I came here because my child is being bullied," she explained. "My Lil did the exact same thing last week to a girl who had her nude photos being passed around.

"They all pick on each other because these days you're supposed to be ashamed of everything. I sit here and I think: 'Why are these kids so nasty?' Then, I look at you lot. That's exactly where they get it from, innit?"

Stacey returned home to explain to Lily that she'd handled the bullying head on and was confident the situation would get better.

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"Better? You've probably made it ten times worse," Lily insisted. "You don't even get it. Everyone knows. I've had half my year messaging me calling my mum a porn star!"

When Stacey reminded Lily that she'd stood up for her in front of the school, Lily rejected her with more harsh words. Martin tried to comfort Stacey, but she simply turned and walked away from the Slater house in tears.

Will Lily see that her mum was helping solve the family's financial crisis?

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