Dylan among Big Brother housemates facing double eviction

The Big Brother housemates who could be sent home in the first double eviction of the ITV2 series have been revealed.

A public vote could see Dylan, Noky, Paul or Trish out of the competition during Friday’s live episode, after they received the most nominations from their fellow contestants.

The housemates said the reason they are putting people forward is that they are “two-faced” and want the “experience tailored” to them

During the latest instalment on Wednesday, the housemates were grappling with Kerry, an NHS manager from Essex, being shown the door during a Halloween-themed episode.

She had been put up for elimination, alongside dancer Olivia and radio DJ Dylan, by their fellow housemates Noky, a banker from Derby, and a mother from Luton, Trish.

Chanelle told Big Brother’s diary room: “Today feels like a divide in the house. I feel like it’s Trish’s group and then obviously Olivia and then Dylan.

“I would hate for Dylan to not feel part of a pocket of friends.”

The dental therapist from Llanelli in Wales is also told by Olivia that she had not spoken to Noky.

Kerry from Big Brother
Kerry has been evicted during a Halloween episode (ITV/PA)

Elsewhere, food writer Henry has also opened up about his feelings for lawyer Jordan.

He told Trish that he has been “playing with my emotions a bit the last couple of days” after kissing Jordan a few times.

He also tells the diary room: “There is something strange happening with Jordan and Matty and it’s become a bit of a puzzle in my mind.

“I guess on a really selfish level, I feel like I’m almost losing Jordan a bit as he’s drifting away. It’s really difficult to explain because I’ve never really felt this before.”

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX.