Dykes sees 'different side' to Clarke

Injured Scotland forward Lyndon Dykes says Steve Clarke isn't shy in joining in with squad mischief, but knows when to return to a more serious demeanour.

The Scotland boss often keeps his cards close to his chest in post-match interviews and has been characterised as stern by some onlookers.

But the QPR striker, who will miss Euro 2024 after suffering an ankle injury, told BBC Radio Scotland there's more than one side to Clarke.

"I know a different side to him," Dykes said.

"I might not have known him as long as other people, but I feel like we got on really well early doors.

"We had a great chat on the phone when he wanted me to come to Scotland. He was just being himself, like everyone sees on camera. He was very blunt and I like that. I liked him.

"I think we're a bit alike in some ways. Once he's comfortable in the camp he does crack a smile, I know a lot of the pundits probably don't think he does."

He added: "He's a very joking character when he needs to be. His man management is very good because he know when to give us a joke and a bit of a laugh, as well as golf and games.

"He's the first one in with us jumping around, but when it's serious he brings back that side of him that we need."