A drunk Nicolas Cage gets bloody buzzkill in 'Looking Glass' clip (exclusive)

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Motel swimming pools can be seedy places, especially after hours. For evidence as to why, check out this exclusive clip above from the new thriller Looking Glass, starring Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney.

Returning to the motel that’s both their home and place of business after a much-needed night out, married couple Ray and Maggie are looking to continue the party. So while Ray goes to grab some brews, his wife heads to the pool deck only to discover that someone … or, more accurately, something, has beaten them into the water.

Directed by Tim Hunter, who previously helmed the seminal ’80s crime drama River’s EdgeLooking Glass knowingly reflects the influence of vintage psychological thrillers like Peeping Tom and Psycho. Having invested in the motel as a way to get their lives back on track following the death of their child, Maggie and Ray discover that the property has an unfortunate history of nefarious goings-on that include voyeurism and murder.

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Add bloody pool pranks to that list.

Looking Glass premieres in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on Feb. 16.

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