Drop Nineteens Announce Delaware Reissue, Share New Cover of Lana Del Rey’s “White Dress”: Listen

Drop Nineteens, photo by Pat Piasecki and courtesy of Wharf Cat Records

Drop Nineteens are reissuing their classic debut, Delaware, on June 21 via Wharf Cat. The album was remastered by Carl Saff, and the new vinyl edition features a new cover photo. The original Delaware artwork featured a photo of a girl with a gun in her left hand. Now, the girl is holding a small bouquet of flowers. A portion of proceeds from the reissue will go to Artists for Action to Prevent Gun Violence.

“We decided to change the cover image, not so much to self-cancel, but because we simply will not put the image of a young person with a gun in their hand out in the world in today’s climate,” the shoegaze band explained in a press statement. “To be fair, the concept was probably overstated even in 1992. We love the new cover design, and we are proud to be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Delaware reissue to the charity Artist for Action to Prevent Gun Violence.”

Along with the reissue, Drop Nineteens have shared two new songs: “Nest” and a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “White Dress.” Listen to the tracks below.

“‘Nest’ was originally intended to either open or close our album Hard Light,” Drop Nineteens’ lead singer and songwriter, Greg Ackell, said. “When we realized we had a better opener and closer, we were unable to find the right place for it on the album. It’s an apt closer as B-side to ‘White Dress,’ because it’s the the last song Drop Nineteens will be releasing for a while, or perhaps ever, because you know, you never know…. The ruminative lyrics make it well suited for this position.”

Regarding “White Dress,” Ackell added:

I was admittedly late to Lana. But this track got me and it just won’t let go, so I decided to bring it to the band.

Sometimes a song takes hold and doesn’t let go. “White Dress” is that kind of song for me.

The band looked at me a little sideways when I suggested covering Lana Del Rey’s “White Dress,” but the moment we started running through what I had in mind together, they locked in on it.

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<h1 class="title">Drop Nineteens: Delaware [2024 reissue]</h1>

Drop Nineteens: Delaware [2024 reissue]

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