Dre Kirkpatrick runs back interception for 100 yards, but no TD

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Here’s a riddle for you: How can you return an interception for 100 yards but still not get a touchdown?

The Cincinnati Bengals’ Dre Kirkpatrick figured out how to pull that off, not that he’ll be proud of it. Kirkpatrick intercepted the Denver Broncos’ Brock Osweiler — not much of a feat in itself — in the Denver end zone, and then took off toward his own end zone.

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Oh! So close. Kirkpatrick lost the handle on the ball when he realized Emmanuel Sanders was almost on top of him, and barely recovered his own fumble. At least he didn’t lose the ball entirely; now that would’ve been embarrassing.

The Bengals scored three plays later, so, in the long run, no harm done except to Kirkpatrick’s stat sheet and ego.

Dre Kirkpatrick takes off. (Getty)
Dre Kirkpatrick takes off. (Getty)

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