Dr. Phil takes down James Corden in hilarious rap battle

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It was daytime talk versus late night when Dr. Phil McGraw battled James Corden on Sunday’s Drop the Mic. The face-off was prefaced with a quick reminder that Corden, an executive producer on the show, is an unimpressive 0-12 in his past rap battles. But that didn’t stop him from going right after Dr. Phil’s connection to Oprah in rather graphic fashion. Dr. Phil responded with an even crasser reference to Corden’s relationship with fellow late night host Jimmy Kimmel.

Dr. Phil, the guy who spends much of his time confronting bullies, became one as the battle progressed, going after Corden’s weight.

“You just had a baby, is that really true? I was just about to ask when you were due,” he rapped. “You’re a big producer and a huge loser. Only dude I know puts burgers in a juicer.”

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And even though Corden made a solid effort to avoid extending his rap battle losing streak to 13 when he rapped about Judge Judy as his top choice for daytime, Dr. Phil took it home by also going after another British talk show host.

“You’re so unlikable, it’s truly alarming. You even make Piers Morgan seem charming,” he chirped.

Lucky for Dr. Phil, Corden’s chances of ever winning a rap battle on his own show seem slim to none. So the golden microphone was Dr. Phil’s courtesy of Drop the Mic host Method Man, and Corden played the part of disgusted sore loser flawlessly for a thirteenth straight time.

Drop the Mic airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on TBS.

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