Dozens Of Cars Have Been Dumped In Italian Lake

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Think any Lamborghinis are down there?

Lake Como, which is located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, houses a surprising collection of cars in its murky depths. Well, it’s surprising and yet it’s not, because the Italians just like Americans and plenty of other societies apparently like to dump cars in large bodies of water. A video shows just how big of a problem it is in the area, with dozens of cars sitting underwater, many looking like they’ve been there for some time.

See a Mustang get pulled out of the waters at Cape Fear here.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what we’re looking at. Like we’ve seen before, these cars filled up with water and then flipped, settling on their roof for the most part, so we’re treated to plenty of rusting undercarriages. Although, anyone who’s rescued a classic Italian automobile might agree this is actually a pretty common sight out of the water.

Most of these cars are probably Fiats or something similar. They seem to have skinny wheels (and whatever’s left of the tires) as well as incredibly compact frames. In a way that’s good, because if there’s a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, or something actually cool down there we would be distraught. Losing a bunch of Fiats is really no loss at all, other than the pollution in the lake.

We’ve seen all kinds of cars found and even recovered from lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. Usually there’s a no-good reason for it, if one can ever be determined. Insurance fraud is a big one, but so is car theft. We’d be willing to bet a fair number of these cars were used to commit crimes after they were stolen, then they were dumped. The worst is when a dead body is found inside a submerged car, signaling that something far more sinister is behind the reason the vehicle was hidden away.

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