Don't hike out of Burning Man in the mud say some people who have hiked out of Burning Man in the mud

Two Burning Man attendees stand in mud and water.
Burning Man attendees were ordered to shelter in place and conserve resources Saturday after a devastating rainstorm.Trevor Hughes/USA Today Network via Reuters
  • Burning Man attendees are under orders to shelter in place as rain turns festival grounds to mud.

  • All roads in and out of Black Rock City, the popup town where Burning Man is held, are closed.

  • So some are making the 6-mile journey out of Burning Man and back to civilization on foot.

As tens of thousands of Burning Man attendees find themselves trapped on festival grounds, some festival-goers are rejecting official orders to shelter in place.

Instead, they are hiking out of Black Rock City on foot, in some cases leaving behind vehicles and personal belongings to make it to safety. Both Chris Rock and Diplo, for instance, recorded their journey out of the so-called playa.

Neal Katyal, a law professor and former Obama-era solicitor general who attended this year's Burning Man festival, posted that he and a group of other attendees made the "incredibly harrowing 6-mile hike" at midnight Sunday morning to escape the festival.

Katyal warned that the mud is "like cement" and no one should attempt the hike "unless in good shape and part of a group."

"Talk your friends out of the hike unless you really think they can do it safely," Katyal wrote. "There are treacherous places where it is worse than walking on ice."

Meanwhile, TikTok user @dr.talbott described very different conditions when documenting a similar hike Saturday afternoon alongside her two adult children.

"It's a pretty nice walk," she said in the video. The only water the group had to cross, she said, was a small stream that went up to their ankles.

In a follow-up video, @dr.talbott said they packed many of their personal belongings into the rental RV they brought to the festival, leaving it behind as vehicles cannot leave the site.

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