Donald Trump mocked for forgetting the words to the national anthem

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In a nail biting finish to Monday night’s national championship game in Atlanta, the University of Alabama bested the University of Georgia in overtime. Yes, the Crimson Tide has clinched yet another college football title.

While football fans rejoiced over the exciting game, the internet couldn’t get past the other spectacle at the sporting event. After all, how often do the worlds of the president of the United States, a huge rap star, and a superhero movie come together? The answer is never, and the internet loved every minute.

President Trump made an on-field appearance prior to kickoff. As the Zac Brown Band belted out the national anthem, the camera panned to Trump, who appeared to be struggling with the words. Hours before the game, Trump took to Twitter to tout the national anthem, saying the song, and the American flag, needed to be honored. “We want our flag respected,” the president wrote, “and we want our NATIONAL ANTHEM respected also!”

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The irony was not lost on the internet.

Twitter also noted another ironic moment as Kendrick Lamar, who has been outspoken against Trump, took the stage to perform for the first ever halftime show at the national championship. While both figures were in the same building Monday night, the president conveniently scooted out during the rapper’s performance — and Lamar made no mention of Trump during his show.

Still, Twitter couldn’t let moment slide.

And finally, most people tuned in to Monday night’s game for, well the game of course, but others were excited for a separate reason: a new Black Panther trailer. The film will be released on Feb. 16, but fans were delighted to see more footage during the national championship.

Well, @JemiSHaaaZzz’s tweet about sums the night up, doesn’t it?

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