Donald and Melania Trump meet 'mini-Melania' at White House Halloween event

Aris Folley,

The president and first lady on Monday opened the White House to ghosts and goblins of all ages for Halloween festivities. 

The first couple handed out baggies full of cookies and candies to a procession of children on the South Lawn -- including a little girl who came dressed as Melania Trump.

Click through photos of the mini-Melania:

The kid clearly stood out in her black cap that read "FLOTUS," with sneakers, a white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. The costume was similar to the outfit worn by the first lady when she arrived in Texas earlier this year to visit Hurricane Harvey victims.


Judging from the photos, the first lady appeared to be amused by the young girl's costume and handed her a bag of candy.

A young boy also dressed as the president stood in line wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat, along with a blue suit and a long red tie.

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The same child was later pictured standing next to a man, who came in a headstone costume with the phrase: "RIP The Swamp."

The back of the headstone also read, "We Hardly Knew Ye" and featured the names of Hillary Clinton and "Obama's Legacy," among others.


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