Dog has spent most of life ‘getting passed over’ in NC shelter. Now Pie needs a home

Screengrab from Burlington Animal Services Facebook

An “extremely affectionate” dog is looking for a home after spending about 10 months in a North Carolina animal shelter.

Pie, who is about a year and half old, has been “constantly getting passed over” during his time at Burlington Animal Services despite his happy nature, the shelter wrote in a Dec. 5 Facebook post. He currently lives with a foster owner, the shelter said, but the staff is looking to find Pie a permanent home.

The young pup came to the shelter after he was found “roaming free,” Burlington Animal Services Director Jessica Arias told McClatchy News. But after he was taken in, no one came forward to claim him, she said.

There’s a lot of things to love about Pie, his foster owner, Amanda, said in the post, such as his love for playing fetch or going on car rides. He’s also a big fan of belly rubs, which he rewards people with “all of the kisses in the world,” she said.

Amanda took Pie in because she had a “soft spot” for him, the shelter said, and she wanted to give him a temporary home outside of the shelter.

Despite not being a “mean or aggressive boy,” the shelter said, there may be one reason that has dissuaded potential owners from adopting him.

“Pie’s only crime? Like some humans, he can get too wound up, and when this happens, he gets a little mouthy,” the shelter wrote.

His behavior could be corrected with training, Amanda said, specifically using “positive redirection.” She has worked with him on basic commands, and he knows “sit,” she said.

Pie is also crate-trained and house-trained, according to the shelter, and he can let his owner know he needs to go outside to use the bathroom. He would prefer to go to a home with at least another dog because he loves to play with others, Amanda said, which may help balance out his energy.

At the end of the day, she said, all Pie wants is “love, affection and attention.”

She added that he is “extremely affectionate.”

“He will make an amazing partner in any adventure his family goes on,” Amanda said.

To meet Pie or other dogs with Burlington Animal Services, you must book an appointment.

Burlington is about 60 miles northwest of Raleigh.

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