Does Olive Garden Offer A Military Discount?

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There are plenty of different discounts offered by both restaurants and cafes alike, from beloved happy hours to sprawling combo deals. Another common deal offered by these establishments is military discounts. While most restaurants do offer a little something for those who have or are currently serving, from free appetizers to lower prices on popular entrees, every place is different, so you never know what will be available.

For veterans and military members who are fans of Italian-American fare, you might be wondering, does Olive Garden offer a military discount? The answer is yes -- but it's available for one day only. While the restaurant chain does not have a recurring discount in place for military members, they do have a special deal available this Veteran's Day.

On November 11, participating Olive Garden locations will offer a special menu for veterans and current service members alike. Those with a valid military ID can choose a complimentary entree from this menu on that day. (And no, the offer does not include drinks or gratuity.) This deal is available for dine-in customers only, so takeout lovers should keep that in mind. While the chain has yet to announce what the full menu will offer, they did offer a sneak peek of what some of the most popular choices will be.

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What You'll Find On Olive Garden's Veteran's Day Menu

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A bowl of fettuccine Alfredo - Olive Garden

While Olive Garden has yet to release its full Veteran's Day menu for 2024, they have revealed a few of the options. For one, the chain's popular never-ending soup, salad, and breadsticks will be a choice for veterans to pick from. The cheese ravioli will also be available, as will the chain's iconic fettuccine Alfredo and chicken parmigiana entrees. Finally, the classic choice of spaghetti and meatballs is also a potential complimentary offering. As for the rest of the Veteran's Day menu, we'll just have to wait and see.

Veterans and active military members who want to take advantage of this deal should remember to bring some sort of identification with them to take advantage of these offerings, whether it be an ID card or a DD form. If you're unsure if your form of ID will work, it's always best to call the Olive Garden near you to ask. Lastly, because Olive Garden might be busy on November 11 due to this Veteran's Day deal, it would also be a good idea to join Olive Garden's virtual waitlist on this day before you head to a location. (Because no, Olive Garden does not take reservations.)

Now if you're not a huge fan of the idea of waiting until November to get a discount here, we get it. Luckily, Olive Garden offers plenty of other deals throughout the year for all of its hungry customers.

Olive Garden Deals You Can Take Advantage Of Before November

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For veterans and active military members looking to step foot inside an Olive Garden before Veteran's Day, there are plenty of other ways to get a discounted meal here throughout the year. For starters, the chain usually has a steady rotation of coupons and deals available through popular online discount sites. From CNET coupons to Groupon, there are always options available. From $5 off an entree to 20% off an entire meal, there's something new all the time for every type of customer. Olive Garden's website usually has a new deal offered every week, too.

Now if you're hoping to avoid scouring the internet for a discount, Olive Garden has special reoccurring deals to take advantage of, as well. To receive these offerings straight into your inbox, customers can sign up for Olive Garden's eclub through the chain's website to receive coupons personally.

Lastly, for those who head to Olive Garden for their birthday, you can even receive a free dessert to celebrate. So while Olive Garden's military discount isn't available every day, there are plenty of other opportunities to get a good deal here before November.

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