Dodge's Charger Replacement Looks Mean on the Road

pre production dodge charger ev spotted in michigan
Dodge's Charger Replacement Looks Mean on the RoadConnor.Mink / Instagram

Dodge remains quiet on what exactly the upcoming Charger and Challenger replacement actually is, but the cars are now seemingly testing without camouflage. Less than a week after Dodge spoiled its own game by sharing photos of a pre-production car, another upcoming Charger replacement has been spotted on the roads outside Chrysler's headquarters in Michigan.

The video, originally recorded by Instagram user Connor Mink and re-uploaded by another account, shows the new Dodge product briefly driving along Michigan's I-75. The rear of the car resembles the liftback Charger Daytona SRT concept, although the tail lights are much more conservative than the concept's bar of stacked LEDs. While gas-powered models have been rumored, this particular variant has no exhaust pipes and is likely an EV.

Scale can be hard to judge from a portrait-oriented Instagram clip of a car on the highway, but the new Charger replacement appears to be smaller than the previous-generation Challenger in front of it. The car seems to have pony car-like proportions, more like a Mustang or a Camaro than the boat-like Charger and Challenger of old.

For now, everything else about the final product remains a mystery. That includes the name, although the branding on the Charger Daytona SRT concept shown in 2022 suggests that this could throw two decades of Charger sedan marketing out the window and instead reach the market as a two-door car with the Charger branding. Expect Dodge to reveal more about the future of its muscle car lineup throughout 2024.

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