Dodge Vette Will Make Ford Fans Laugh

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Yuck it up, team Blue Oval!

We’ve seen far too many vehicle mashups in our day. Most are pretty cringe, although a few do turn out surprisingly well. We wish we could say this 2000 Chevy Corvette with a Dodge Challenger rear fascia looks good, but instead it’s some weird deformed child someone recently put up for adoption.

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Check out the car GM gave to a C8 Corvette lemon owner here.

That’s right, this project the owner abandoned was recently listed on Facebook Marketplace in Dallas, Texas but has since sold for $6,000. We have no idea what the new owner is thinking nor why they have that kind of money to burn, but some people were scheming about putting a Hellcat engine in this thing.

While that sounds cool, there are a lot of wrinkles that would need to be ironed out. And while that’s true of any project car, we’re not entirely sure those wrinkles could be ironed out on this thing, at least not to our satisfaction. But hey, it’s now somebody else’s problem.

Maybe the new owner will turn out something absolutely fantastic. We love being wrong about this sort of thing and we love seeing creative builds that are done well. You could go a number of directions with this car, even departing from the obvious.

In the listing, the former owner says he was “hemi swapping it” but he just doesn’t have it in him to put in the work at the moment. Whenever someone is selling a car under that pretense it’s always a great idea to start getting very critical. We don’t see anything apparently wrong with this ride other than the obvious and we hope the new owner did his homework.

What would be really great is if the new owner swaps in a Coyote V8 and calls this car Big Three. That would be epic.

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