‘It’s Disgusting’: Rosalía Fires Back at Artist Who Shared Photoshopped Nude Photos of Her

Lollapalooza Brazil 2023 - Day 3 - Credit: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images
Lollapalooza Brazil 2023 - Day 3 - Credit: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

Rosalía vented her frustration with Spanish artist JC Reyes after he posted photoshopped images of her naked on social media, calling out the musician for not asking for consent and “creating a false narrative when I don’t even know you.”

“Ir a buscar clout faltando el respeto y sexualizando a alguien es un tipo d violencia y da asco pero hacerlo por 4 plays de + lo q da es pena,” Rosalía wrote on Twitter Tuesday, May 23.

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In English, the tweet reads, “Looking for clout by disrespecting and sexualizing someone is a type of violence and it’s disgusting, but to do it for four more plays is embarrassing.”

According to screengrabs circulating on social media, Reyes, or someone with access to his Instagram account, shared the photographs on his Stories. They appeared to be altered versions of photos Rosalía had originally taken and shared of herself.

On Wednesday, Rosalía spoke out again, saying that the bodies of women aren’t “public property” nor “merchandise to use in your marketing strategy.”

“Those photos were edited and you created a false narrative around me when I don’t even know you,” Rosalía wrote in Spanish. “There’s something that exists called consent and to those who found that funny, I hope you learn that you come from a woman and that women are sacred and you must respect us. Bye.”

Rosalía’s boyfriend Rauw Alejandro shared his support, re-posting her message, saying she had the support of the “whole world.”

“There’s no need to look down at him, we fill stadiums and have people’s love. We have what we have because we work hard and make music, not drama,” Alejandro tweeted in Spanish. “People will always look for the a way, but dramatic people only live from drama.”

While the photos have since been removed from Reyes’ Instagram Stories, he seemed to boast about them — and suggest Rosalía had sent them to him — in a subsequent live video. At one point in the video, Reyes said (in Spanish, translated to English), “I can’t be posting photos of a woman who sends that to me. That would be shameless. I was just thinking about how bad she felt. It wasn’t for her to get so upset about it.”

Reyes then shared another video on Instagram Stories tagging Rosalía’s fiancé, Rauw Alejandro. In the clip, Reyes sings a snippet of “Mas Rica Que Ayer” by Anuel AA, DJ Luian, and Mambo Kingz, altering the lyric, “Y muchos corazone’ roto’/¿Será que el novio la dejó?” to “Y muchos corazone’ roto’/¿Será que Rauw la dejó?” (Translation: “And many broken hearts/Could it be that Rauw left her?”)

Reps for Rosalía and Reyes did not immediately return requests for comment.

This story was updated on May 24 at 5:20 p.m. to include new comments from Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía.

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