What you didn't know about Emirates' exclusive flight attendant program

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There's no doubt that Emirates is one of the most exclusive airlines in the world. 

The Dubai-based airline was established back in 1985, and since then has climbed through the ranks to become one of the best airlines in the world for both first-class and economy travel. Everything from the luxurious first-class amenities (shower spa, moisturizing loungewear, on-board lounge) to its impressive in-air fine wine cellar (in which they've invested $700M in a wine program since 2006, including 80 champagnes and wines offered daily) plays a role in their international reputation. 

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Inside the airlines' beauty and uniform guidelines: 

With over 156 destinations across 86 different countries, Emirates has sustained its rank as one of the best in the world. 

But there's something else that contributes to Emirates' stature -- and it has to do with their flight attendant program, which is known to be one of the most elite globally.

"Year on year we receive thousands of applications to become Emirates cabin crew," explained an airline representative to AOL Lifestyle. "Our selection process is very stringent, and only a small percentage of our applicants make it through the recruitment phase."

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If you've ever flown the airline, then you know just how hospitable and well trained the Emirates' flight attendants are. Their flight attendant program is something that the airline prides itself on. It consists of an intense training process that coaches its students through everything from emergency protocol to a mixology class. 

But perhaps the strictest (and most unexpected!) training process of them all? Their beauty rules, which outline everything from which shade of lipstick they can wear to the types of earrings allowed and how they can wear their hair. All of these regulations are learned at Emirates Aviation College during training. 

Even something as stringent as the color of their hair scrunchie helps add to the exclusivity of the airline and how Emirates operates as a whole.

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"We represent Arabia, and so [we] have designed our uniform and beauty standards to be a blend of modern and traditional," continued the representative, "as well as respectful to the area where we live, with the tan color representing the desert sand and warmth of the gulf region."

Read more about these standards in the gallery above. 

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