What did Cowboys owner Jerry Jones say about late-game interception against the Cardinals?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was on 105.3 The Fan onn Wednesday discussing the Cowboys 28-16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Jones was asked if the changes made in the Cowboys offense this offseason have limited or handcuffed Dak Prescott.

“Yes, you have limited things that he [Dak Prescott] used to be doing. You have limited that, but on the other hand, we have made what we are doing more doable for him and so I think that offsets,” says Jones.

Jones also spoke about Prescott’s late-game interception and why it didn’t worry him.

“He [Dak Prescott] has capability that make those kinds of plays when [the game] is on the line in the future. So you say boy should you be worried about the ability to get it in, in a situation like that,” said Jones, “But I think we will execute that play you saw at the end better next time and we’ve got a chance to, we got the talent too, we’ve got the quarterback too and so I’m not dismayed by that. I’m sorry, we didn’t do it at that time, but I’m not dismayed.”

The Cowboys have struggled to score touchdowns in the red zone over the past two weeks scoring only three touchdowns off 11 red zone possessions. However, much like with Prescott, Jones expressed confidence in the Cowboys.

“You can imagine, what a focus point it is for our team and, certainly after last weekend and so do we have the ability to really correct and have a higher percentage of touchdowns in the red zone Absolutely,” said Jones, “Yes, we do...Now, we’ve got to get it done.”

The Cowboys next chance to show their red zone prowess will come against the New England Patriots at 3:25 p.m. on Sunday at AT&T Stadium.