Desi Lydic Clowns Supreme Court’s ‘Very Difficult Legal Question’ On Trump’s Immunity Claim

The Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic took aim at the Supreme Court on Thursday for facing a “very difficult legal question” with former President Donald Trump’s presidential immunity claim in his 2020 election interference case.

The former president argued that he’s immune from federal prosecution for alleged criminal acts he carried out while in office. The high court agreed Wednesday to hear arguments in the case on the week of April 22, further delaying a trial once set for March.

Guest host Michael Kosta noted that Election Day “isn’t that far off” before asking Lydic if she thinks the high court will rule on the matter soon.

“Well, Michael, that depends. When is Election Day?” Lydic said.

“Nov. 5,” Kosta replied.

“They’ll rule on Nov. 6,” Lydic said.

Lydic added that the issue is “complicated,” and justices have a “very difficult legal question” ahead of them.

“Can the president break the law any time he wants? Hard to say, hard to say,” she said.

“Constitutionally speaking, can he burn down the White House for insurance money? Can he set a bomb on a bus that’ll detonate if the bus goes below 50 miles per hour? Can he stick his penis in a barrel of warm coffee beans at Whole Foods? These are not easy questions to answer.”