David and Victoria Beckham Recreate Their Viral 'Be Honest' Moment for Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

The new teaser features the former Spice Girl wearing a t-shirt that reads "My dad had a Rolls Royce"

<p>Uber Eats</p> Victoria and David Beckham in new Uber Eats ad teaser

Uber Eats

Victoria and David Beckham in new Uber Eats ad teaser

David Beckham is once again poking his head into a room to remind his wife to "be honest." But this time, he's letting fans know that he and Victoria Beckham have a Super Bowl commercial on the horizon.

In a new teaser for the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial, the couple recreates their viral October clip from Netflix's Beckham documentary, where David, 48, interrupted Victoria, 49, during an on-camera interview.

In the new sneak peek, the pair aren't playfully debating what it means to be "very working class" like in the viral video. Instead, David wants Victoria to "be honest" about their new ad spot.

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"So David and I are gonna be in a little commercial," Victoria starts the clip above while sitting on a sofa in her “my dad had a Rolls-Royce" t-shirt. David then poked his head into frame reminding her to "Be honest, be honest!"

"OK. It's a big commercial," Victoria adds, as David asks her to "tell them what it's during."

"David, I'm trying," Victoria responds.

After more pushing from her husband, Victoria finally tells the camera crew that the advertisement will be aired during "the big baseball game."

<p>Uber Eats</p> Victoria Beckham in Uber Eats ad teaser

Uber Eats

Victoria Beckham in Uber Eats ad teaser

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"The super big baseball game," David hilariously clarifies, as the Spice Girls alum asks, "Or was it the hockey bowl?"

"Hockey bowl. Oh, and tell them about Jessica Anniston," David quips.

"Jessica Anniston is gonna be in it, too," Victoria closes the teaser, before David can be heard proclaiming, "We love Jessica."

The teaser ends with bold text that reads: "Whatever you forget this Sunday, remember Uber Eats." And while David and Victoria seemed to forget some key details from their own preview — including the identity of Jennifer Aniston and when exactly the ad will air — fans can expect to catch the couple on their televisions during the Super Bowl on Feb. 11.

<p>Uber Eats</p> David Beckham in Uber Eats ad teaser

Uber Eats

David Beckham in Uber Eats ad teaser

The spot comes two months after Victoria made the decision to sell a white crewneck T-shirt printed with the slogan “My dad had a Rolls-Royce,” which was inspired by her initial moment of banter with her husband.

The phrase originated from Victoria’s confessional in the Netflix doc in which she claimed she and David came from “very working class families.

“Be honest. What car did your dad drive you to school in?” David asked her in the clip, before she confessed that her dad drove a Rolls-Royce in the ‘80s. The shirt, which appears to be sold out, retailed for $150 on her label’s website.

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