David and Victoria Beckham hilariously recreate viral moment in Super Bowl ad

David and Victoria Beckham are starring in an ad for the Super Bowl together.

The couple’s teaser for their Uber Eats commercial features the Spice Girl singer paying homage to a viral moment she shared with her husband as she’s wearing a white shirt with black text across it that reads, “My dad has a Rolls-Royce.”

“So David and I are gonna be in a little commercial,” Victoria says as the clip starts. David then pops his head out from behind a door frame reminding his wife to “Be honest, be honest!”

“Okay. It’s a big commercial,” Victoria adds, as David asks her to “tell them what it’s during”.

“David, I’m trying,” Victoria responds.

After David continues to urge his wife to tell the commercial teaser’s viewers, Victoria then tells the camera that the ad will be airing during “the big baseball game”.

“The super big baseball game,” David adds before the former Spice Girl starts getting confused and questions whether or not it was the “hockey bowl” instead.

“Hockey Bowl,” David replies. “Oh, and tell them about Jessica Aniston,” he added. “Jessica Aniston is gonna be in it, too,” Victoria closes the teaser, before David can be heard proclaiming: “We love Jessica.”

The Beckhams teased their upcoming Super Bowl ad on Tuesday (PA)
The Beckhams teased their upcoming Super Bowl ad on Tuesday (PA)

Text across the screen goes on to read: “Whatever you forget this Sunday, remember Uber Eats.” And despite the couple’s failure to remember who Jennifer Aniston is, and the name of the Super Bowl, the commercial will be airing on 11 February as the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers.

In case the inside joke was missed, the two were referencing a scene in their Netflix documentary series where David mocks Victoria’s claim of having a “working-class upbringing”.

Beckham, a four-part series, tracks the former Manchester United and England football star’s rise to fame and fortune, along with his relationship with Spice Girls star Victoria and their growing family.

Released on 4 October, the programme has been the subject of discussion across social media, as fans share their favourite moments and insights.

One particularly memorable scene shows David calling out Victoria, dubbed Posh Spice during her time in the Spice Girls, after she claims to have had humble beginnings.

Speaking to the interviewer about her family and childhood, Victoria says: “We’re very, very working class.”

“Be honest,” David jumps in, popping his head around a nearby doorframe. After Victoria protests that she is being honest, the former midfielder asks: “What car did your dad drive you to school in?”

Victoria makes several attempts to sidestep the question, uttering: “It’s not a simple answer, it depends!”

However, after David repeats the question multiple times, the “Out of Your Mind” singer replies: “Okay, in the 80s, my dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

“Thank you,” says David, before disappearing behind the door once more.

After a clip of this scene was shared online, people have praised the couple’s playful dynamic, as well as David’s persistence in getting Victoria to reveal the truth about her father’s car.

“Fair play to Beckham for keeping it 100,” said one entertained viewer.

Others pointed out that her nickname was an example of her exaggerated claim, writing: “Victoria Beckham trying to say she was working class when she was literally branded as Posh Spice her entire career.”

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