David Ortiz tries music and manicures on new reality show 'Big Papi Needs a Job'

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In an idea that seems like TV gold, legendary Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has teamed up with Fusion for a new reality show called “Big Papi Needs a Job.” The show debuts next week and Yahoo Sports has an exclusive sneak peek for you.

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While ex-baseball players usually have a few places they go after their playing days — coaching and broadcasting, mainly — Ortiz is casting a wider net. On the show, we’ll see Ortiz going to meet people in various careers, learning how to do their jobs and then actually doing their job. And he’s such an enormous personality that it’s bound to be entertaining.

David Ortiz giving a manicure on his new reality show, “Big Papi Needs a Job.” (Fusion)
David Ortiz giving a manicure on his new reality show, “Big Papi Needs a Job.” (Fusion)

“Big Papi Needs a Job” premieres at 8 p.m. ET/PT Wednesday, Jan. 31 on Fusion and his first couple attempts at new jobs are quite fun. As you can see above in an exclusive clip for Yahoo Sports readers, Ortiz goes to the prestigious Berklee College of Music and learns about a career in music. Then he got a manicure and learned how to give one, as you can see in the clip below.

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Throughout the series, he’ll also try things like being a tour guide at Fenway Park (that’s right up his alley) and being a dog groomer (that may not be).

Here’s hoping telephone repair is somewhere on the list.

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