David Beckham and James Corden Fight Over James Bond Role

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James Corden has been filming The Late Late Show in London this week, and on Thursday, he got the chance to “audition” for an iconic British role — James Bond. The only problem was that sexy superstar David Beckham also showed up.

The sketch started with Corden waiting for his audition when Beckham walked in and sat down next to him. Corden looked at him funny and said, “It’s not, like, an underwear commercial, or something like that.” Beckham looked Corden up and down and replied, “That’s pretty obvious.”

Beckham’s Bond Skills

The two took turns showing off their Bond skills, like walking across a white background before turning toward the camera and firing a gun. And, of course, the most important Bond skill — seducing a woman. Corden was doing a scene with a beautiful Bond girl when he said, “Perhaps we should slip into something a little more comfortable.” That’s when Beckham walked into the scene and simply said, “Hi, I’m David Beckham,” and the girl immediately replied, “I want to sleep with him.”

The guys then got into an argument about their Bond voice, which ended up turning into a battle Casino Royale. They started slapping each other, pushing back-and-forth, and then throwing their shaken-not-stirred martinis in each other’s faces. That’s when the casting director broke them up and sent them both packing.

The guys felt bad about letting the role get in the middle of their friendship, so they decided to star in a different movie franchise. The sketch ended with Beckham dressed up as Batman, and Corden as Robin.

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