Dave Chapelle, who? Twitter erupts after all three 'Jeopardy!' contestants fail to recognize comedian

George Back
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
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Jeopardy! celebrated some great comedians Wednesday with the category “Funny Business.” But viewers weren’t laughing when none of the contestants could identify the iconic Dave Chappelle.

During the Double Jeopardy! round, contestants were shown a picture of Chappelle. They were also given the clue, “This comedian displayed his drama chops in A Star Is Born, playing Bradley Cooper’s longtime friend.” Despite the fairly obvious answer, none of the contestants even attempted a response.

Guest host Ken Jennings seemed a little surprised by the lack of an answer, but viewers at home were shocked. Many took to Twitter to share in their dismay.

The Twitterverse not only shamed the contestants for being unable to identify Chappelle, they also shamed a contestant for confusing a notorious 19th century general with a rich and creamy dessert.

The Final Jeopardy! question was, “These two legends both known for buckskin clothes and long, flowing hair met violent ends 38 days apart, in Montana and South Dakota.” Contestant Alex Cohn replied with, “Who are Custard and Sitting Bull?” The correct legends involved were George Armstrong Custer and Wild Bill Hickok.

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