Daughter who lost mother to COVID after she attended wedding warns people not to party at New Year

Ross McGuinness
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A daughter whose mother died from COVID-19 after attending a wedding has warned people not to party at New Year. (Getty)

A daughter whose mother died from COVID-19 after attending a wedding has warned people not to party on New Year’s Eve.

Dalvinder Kaur-Kelly, 44, lost her mother, Joginder, 67, just weeks after she went to a wedding in Derby in September that broke coronavirus rules by being attended by 100 people.

At least 50 of the guests at the wedding fell ill with coronavirus, her daughter told the Daily Mirror.

She said between 60 and 70 people attended a reception after the ceremony on 19 September.

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At the time, coronavirus restrictions banned any weddings with more than 30 people in attendance.

Ms Kaur-Kelly said she wanted to speak up about her mother’s death so others don’t feel pressured to attend social gatherings in the middle of the pandemic.

She told the newspaper: “My mum should still be here, but she felt pressured to go. If you are worried, don’t keep quiet – speak up.

"It is so senseless. My mother went from the wedding to being admitted to hospital in less than 10 days.

"A few weeks later we were arranging her funeral. COVID is destroying lives. I wish people would think about what they are doing.”

After the wedding ceremony, Joginder went to a reception 35 miles away in Walsall, with guests attending from Essex, London and Liverpool.

She tested positive for COVID-19 on 24 September and was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham four days later. She died more than a month later on 30 October.

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Her daughter said: “I just want to tell people not to go to huge gatherings.

“There is a vaccine on its way, so make sure your loved ones are here to celebrate next Christmas and New Year.”

Ms Kaur-Kelly has set up an online fundraising page for donations to the hospital’s care unit.

She said: “In her final days my mum was cared for by amazing doctors and nursing staff. I will forever be grateful to them for their kindness to her.”

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