Dating app reveals why it’s tough to be a Karen right now


Sorry, Karen.

According to research by dating app Wingman, simply having the name Karen now makes it more difficult to get a date.

The app, which lets singles recruit a friend or relative to write their profile for them, analyzed dating data from this year and compared it to last year’s trends and discovered that Karens received 21 percent fewer matches in 2020 than in 2019.

Messages sent by women with the moniker got nearly a third fewer responses than the previous year, too.

Recently, the usage of “Karen” as a slang term to describe middle-aged white women who are unjustly assertive or entitled based on their own privilege has skyrocketed. The term is often employed after a video of a white woman behaving badly or in a brazenly entitled fashion goes viral.

But Wingman shared a slight silver lining for women bearing the untimely name: Karens with variations on the spelling (i.e. Karin, Carin or Caren) were met with slightly less rejection than their peers.

And it seems OG Karens are tragically aware of their plight — over 300 testimonials for users named Karen feature a version of the phrase “She’s not a real Karen” in their dating profiles.

At least they’re having fun with it.

Wingman CEO and founder Tina Wilson said she wasn’t at all surprised by the results.

“The trends we observe with online dating usually reflect what’s going on in the real world,” she said in a press release.

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