Should I date a former reality star? What's the risk of dating someone portrayed as a womanizer on national TV?

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Everyone experiences hardships from time to time — whether they be friendship dramas, boyfriend scandals, or job-related challenges. The Morning Breath has generously devoted time every week to guide their viewers as they overcome any predicament — big or small, trivial or consequential.

This week on “Dear Breathers,” a single mom navigates her new life with her fiancé as her ex-husband’s family remains in their life, and a 23-year-old struggles with dating a former reality star who is 14 years her senior.

First up, a viewer writes in to ask TMB co-hosts Claudia and Jackie about a tough situation that has a happy ending. After losing her ex-husband to suicide recently, a single mother of two small children is ready to move on with her life while keeping her children’s father’s spirit alive.

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Although happily engaged to “David,” the anonymous viewer explains that her ex-husband’s family continues to remain in their lives with annual visits, family dinners, and even a financial contribution to the upcoming wedding of their former daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, her fiancé is adjusting to life as a dad, he eagerly welcomes his stepkids’ grandparents into their everyday life, and he looks forward to life ever after with his new modern family. Things just seem too good to be true!

With friends telling her that the situation seems a bit odd, this Breather needs to know if she’s turning a blind eye to a strange situation.

“I don’t think it’s weird at all,” quips Claudia. Accepting two young children as your own is no small feat, she adds. “Definitely you have to be a strong man, but David seems like he can handle it.”

“Things like this should bring people together,” agrees Jackie. As for the friends telling her that the situation is odd and uncomfortable? Claudia adds, “You need new friends.”

A tragedy with a beautiful ending — what could we love more?

Next up, a 23-year-old Breather is actively swimming in the dating pool and wondering if a 14-year age difference between her and her crush is too much. Also, he’s a former reality star whose TV persona has some womanizing tendencies, albeit unnoticed by the viewer.

Wondering if A) her beau is too old and B) dating a reality star is a no-go, she’s turning to Claudia and Jackie Oshry for guidance about her future with the charmer.

“Totally go. First of all, you can date someone older than you, it’s not that big of a deal,” asserts Claudia. She adds, “Fourteen years is not that big of a deal. It’s actually nice to date someone older than you.”

Jackie agrees, as going on a casual date or two is nothing to obsess over. Just have fun, she advises.

“Just go. When someone asks you out on a date you don’t need to think about it forever. If you’re interested in them, go. You’ll find out everything you need to know then.”

Staying in the realm of reality, we can turn to an esteemed Bravo couple for a little inspiration. “If there’s anything we’ve learned from Tom and Erika Girardi, it’s that age is truly just a number. True love has no age,” Claudia says.

“Unless you’re in a relationship, you should be saying yes to every date you get asked out on,” TMB advises. The one exception to this rule is if the former reality star is Nick Viall. In that case, stay home!

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