Danny DeVito swimming in chocolate may already be the weirdest Super Bowl ad this year

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Danny DeVito is the perfect choice for a weird Super Bowl ad. (YouTube/mmschocolate)
Danny DeVito is the perfect choice for a weird Super Bowl ad. (YouTube/mmschocolate)

The Super Bowl hasn’t even begun yet, and we may have already experienced the greatest, or most bizarre, commercial that will air. M&M’s released a 15 second teaser of their Super Bowl ad Tuesday … and it is weird.

The ad features Danny DeVito floating/swimming in a pool of chocolate while wearing a red M&M shirt. He says “mmm, Super Bowl,” and when they show him again, he’s got chocolate spread all over him.

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Sounds strange, doesn’t it? In case you don’t believe us, take a look:

That’s up there, right? We’ve seen some unusual Super Bowl commercials, but that teaser is prepping us for possibly the oddest one yet.

And if that was the goal, well, they picked the perfect person in DeVito. For years now, he’s put himself in … let’s go with unique … situations on the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Many of those scenes involve DeVito not wearing a whole lot of clothing.

This isn’t really out of the norm for him, is what we’re saying.

The average cost of a 30 second ad in this year’s Super Bowl, which will feature the New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles, is reportedly just over $5 million.

Based on your reaction to that ad, that’s either far too much or nowhere near enough for a commercial.

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