Daniel Kaluuya reveals emotional place he keeps his Oscar, tears up in live interview

The "Get Out" and "Judas and the Black Messiah" actor teared up while reflecting on filming a key scene for Jordan Peele's breakout horror film.

Daniel Kaluuya has revealed the sweet spot where he keeps his Oscar — and it holds extra emotional significance to the 34-year-old British actor.

The Nope and Get Out performer revealed Tuesday on Live With Kelly and Mark that his Best Supporting Actor Academy Award (which he won in 2021 for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah) is safely stored with his family for a specific reason.

"It's at my mum's," he told Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, telling the hosts that his mother enrolled him in acting school when he was younger. "The teacher told my mum I was a bit 'busy,' so she put me in an after school class. We paid five pounds a class."

Ripa asked if Kaluuya's mother could sense that he'd be a star, and he confirmed his mom's premonitions about his career.

"It was actually at the red carpet, when I was nominated [for the Best Actor Oscar] for Get Out, she was like, 'Wow. I always knew that you could do this. I used to see people on TV, like, I know my son could,'" Kaluuya continued.

<p>Todd Wawrychuk/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images</p> Daniel Kaluuya wins his Oscar for 'Judas and the Black Messiah'

Todd Wawrychuk/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

Daniel Kaluuya wins his Oscar for 'Judas and the Black Messiah'

He elaborated on the importance of giving children from all backgrounds equal access to the arts, which is why he began teaching a youth acting group with affordable rates that don't go beyond two British pounds per lesson.

"It's why I'm here. I couldn't afford the other drama classes. My mom gave me to the ones I could afford, and a lot of the ones I was part of don't exist anymore. So, if I'm in the game, what can I do to pay it forward?" he said.

Finally, Consuelos asked Kaluuya about a key scene in Get Out in which the actor cried profusely, something director Jordan Peele reportedly noted took Kaluuya only five takes to master.

Kaluuya said he was able to achieve the feat by recalling "color memory" that conjured an emotion based on the texture of the color purple, and tears welled in his eyes as soon as he brought up his method. "It's there," he said with a laugh, while Consuelos said that he, too, got emotional watching the process.

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