Dancers take over mall escalators to perform crazy splits

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#ShoppingChallenge (Photo: Instagram/Royal.g)
#ShoppingChallenge (Photo: Instagram/Royal.g)

There’s usually only one decision to make on an escalator: Should you stand and wait, or walk and get to your destination faster? But one dancer wants her followers to take those brief escalator moments and turn them into something special.

Royal Gale, aka royal.g on Instagram, is asking her 102,000 followers to take on a #ShoppingChallenge. She posted videos of herself and her friends doing full splits on mall escalators. Are you brave enough (or a good-enough dancer) to try the same?

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“When Dance Is Life #ShoppingChallenge! A split on the escalator! Everyone Must Do It The Whole Rose Down! TAG ME & Hastag #ShoppingChallenge This Shall Be fun,” Gale wrote on Instagram. Her split stretches along five escalator stairs.

In another #ShoppingChallenge video, Gale and a few friends try synchronized stretching on a few mall escalators. “This is art,” wrote one commenter. “I wanna come shopping with u,” agreed another.

#ShoppingChallenge Forever21 Tag ME So I Can See Those Funny Videos

A post shared by Royal Gale (@royal.g) on Oct 25, 2017 at 9:15pm PDT

So far, the #ShoppingChallenge hashtag on Instagram is filled more with people hunting for the best prices and trying on shoes. But if you’ve ever felt the urge to do yoga on the move, we’ve found your weekend plans. Just be careful! And please hop off in time.

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