Dan Levy Has Been Perfecting These Aviators for Years

Plus, the DL Eyewear founder recalls his best Pride memories.

<p>Gemma Warren</p>

Gemma Warren

For a lot of people, eyewear is an add-on to the final look. But for Dan Levy, it's the, well, focal point. So much so that after first launching DL Eyewear over a decade ago, the Schitt's Creek star relaunched the brand in 2020 with a range of optical and sunglasses styles for all genders.

DL Eyewear is also doing its part to help support the Rose Apothecaries of the future. Since the brand's inception, it has supported Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to help support small businesses — prioritizing those owned by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. "LISC does great work in connecting entrepreneurs and small businesses in historically disadvantaged communities to important resources," Levy says.

Ahead, Levy talks to InStyle via email about the latest collection, the glasses styles he's loving at the moment, Pride memories, and more.

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<p>Courtesy Dan Levy</p> Dan in the optical blue light Beaumont in black

Courtesy Dan Levy

Dan in the optical blue light Beaumont in black

InStyle: Congrats on the spring collection! What can you tell us about the newest styles?

Dan Levy: Hey thanks! I was lucky enough to have been able to escape to Italy last summer and decided to create a small collection inspired by that trip — the sun-kissed nostalgia of an Italian summer and the freedom and fun found in leaning into that sense of place and dressing a little adventurously. So we settled on three distinctly different, yet equally as impactful shapes guaranteed to invoke a sense of summertime sensuality.

<p>Gemma Warren</p> Dan in the Hocken sunglasses.

Gemma Warren

Dan in the Hocken sunglasses.

Which glasses have you been sporting lately?

I test-drive every frame we make and have been loving the Maxwell frame in our new Racer Red color. It’s surprisingly versatile considering how bold it is. I’m also thrilled we finally get to introduce Hocken, an aviator shape that we’ve been slowly perfecting for (literally) years.

Do you build your outfit around your glasses, or pair your glasses to your outfit?

I work both ways. But glasses or sunglasses are usually the last thing I decide on when it comes to putting a look together because they can completely change the vibe. If I’m wearing something simple, I’ll often opt for a bolder frame to elevate the look, if I’m wearing a suit I’ll try to offset the formality with a frame that’s a little more contemporary or unexpected. That’s the beauty of building a collection of eyewear, you have the ability to swerve simply by switching up your frames.

Wearing sunglasses inside: yes or no?

Totally depends on the occasion, but the world is in a state of chaos, so I say do what makes you feel good. Practically speaking, a sunglass with a lighter tint is the perfect middle ground. It still gives the impression of wearing a sunglass but people can see your eyes so the impact is a little less “sunglasses at night."

<p>Gemma Warren</p> Dan in the Maxwell sunglasses.

Gemma Warren

Dan in the Maxwell sunglasses.

If you had to narrow it down to just three styles, what sunglasses do you think everybody needs to own? 

My suggestion would be narrowing it down to a selection that gives you a variety of colors and materials. For a classic everyday shape I opt for Beaumont in an antique tortoise color way, then our Corrigan style for a metal look, and then a third bolder statement style like our collaboration frame with S.S.Daley, the Lonsdale for maximum versatility.

Of course, June 1 kicks off Pride Month. What are some of your favorite Pride memories?

My best friend used to have an apartment at the corner of Christopher Street and Greenwich [in N.Y.C.] and every Pride we’d watch the parade from his roof. For a socially anxious person it offered the perfect vantage point to enjoy the parade without getting stuck in the crowds.

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