Dallas injury struggles 'really sad' - Bamford

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On the latest episode of the My Mate's A Footballer podcast, Leeds striker Patrick Bamford discusses former team-mate Stuart Dallas' battle with injury, which forced him to retire from the game last month:

"It's really sad that he had to retire because of it. Throughout this season, there was multiples times where I saw him running on the grass, and he'd be struggling and have to come back in.

"He had to have multiple operations and procedures. It wasn't a normal run - it was a struggle. It was a limp. You weren't just thinking about his football - you were thinking about stuff after football as well.

"That he's got back to doing things normally now was still nice to see. You don't want anyone to have to retire through injury but you definitely don't want them to miss out on things later in life because of [the injuries].

"You try everything you can to get back and I've seen how he works really hard. I know that everyone in the physio department did everything they could to get him back. There gets to a point where it takes a toll on you mentally and you have to look at it sensibly and come to terms with it."

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