Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Have Been Secretly Engaged ‘for Years’ as She Took Ring On and Off

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin know how to keep a secret. People reported today that after Johnson fueled engagement speculation in her Bustle interview this week, Martin did pop the question to Johnson...years ago.

“[They] got engaged years ago but were in no rush to get married,” a source close to the couple said. People confirmed that the large emerald ring that Johnson was seen wearing in December 2020 was an engagement ring. She has since been photographed wearing it most recently in November 2023 but has taken it on and off over the years.

dakota johnson wearing her engagement ring
Raymond Hall - Getty Images

Johnson spoke to Bustle about Martin, calling his children with his ex Gwyneth Paltrow her stepchildren. “I love those kids like my life depends on it. With all my heart,” she said.

As for Martin, she briefly touched on her thoughts seeing him perform in Coldplay. “I love watching him,” she said. “I could watch him every day. I don’t know how to explain it. I feel like, I don’t know... I’m watching my most favorite being do his most favorite thing.”

She also addressed her thoughts on having children of her own someday. “I’m so open to that,” she said. “I’ve gotten to this place where I really want to experience everything that life has to offer. And especially being a woman, I’m like, What a magical fucking thing to do. What a crazy, magical, wild experience. If that’s meant to happen for me, I’m totally down for it. I’ve been really tripping out recently like, we’re not here for very long. There’s so much to eat up and learn and grow from and experience and feel. That includes all the pain and the suffering and feeling so helpless about the world. Most days I feel like the most useless piece of shit. I’m sitting in this dumbass chair, talking about this dumbass movie, and there are people in excruciating catastrophes, and what can I do? I do have that incredible friction in myself. And then I’m like, We’re not here for very long, so if I’m meant to be a mother, bring it on.”

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