Dak Prescott fires back at Eagles trash talk: 'Losers worry about winners'

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The NFC East is still teeming with mediocrity.

But with the Dallas Cowboys back in the playoff picture, at least it’s getting interesting again.

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Philly fires first shot

On Wednesday, Philadelphia Eagles special teamer Kamu Grugier-Hill waded into trash-talk waters, calling the Cowboys chokers ahead of Sunday’s division showdown rife with playoff implications.

“I mean, look at Dallas’ history. They always choke,” Grugier-Hill said. “So we’ll go down there and make them choke.”

Dak bites back

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott acknowledged the shot across the bow on Thursday and responded in kind when talking with reporters.

“You know, coach [Jason] Garrett has a great saying, and I don’t know where he got it from. But winners worry about winning and losers worry about winners,” Prescott said

“We’re not worried about he say, she say.”

The NFC East may not be great again, but the trash talk is. And that’s good for everyone involved. (Getty)
The NFC East may not be great again, but the trash talk is. And that’s good for everyone involved. (Getty)

That wasn’t all he had to say

Ouch. That’s a strong take on the defending Super Bowl champions. A four-game winning streak has apparently lit a fire in Prescott’s belly.

But that wasn’t even the strongest burn to come out of Prescott’s mouth on Thursday. Before opining on what winners and losers do, Prescott hit Grugier-Hill up with a “who?”

As in “who is this special teams nobody, and why is the name of the Dallas Cowboys being uttered from his mouth?”

OK. That wasn’t the verbatim explanation from Prescott himself. But the message was clear.

This is great

When the NFC East is on fire, the NFL is on fire.

It’s been a while since the NFC East was on fire. Yes, the Eagles won the Super Bowl last year, and the New York Giants have posted a couple of miracle Super Bowl runs in recent years.

But gone are the glory days when Dallas, New York and Washington all traded blows with the San Francisco 49ers as the dominant franchises in football while keeping their collective feet on the neck of a Philadelphia team that was equally loathed by opposing fanbases if not on the same level on the playing field.

There was genuine discord between players. There was genuine hatred among fans.

And it was hugely compelling.

NFC East tension is always simmering

And even though the football’s been hit or miss in the division for the better part of two decades, those fires still burn and need just a little bit of fanning to really get crackling.

A division showdown that may end up being the difference in making the playoffs for both teams is the exact oxygen that fire needs.

Players from both sides are embracing it. And everybody involved is better off for it.

“That’s the reason they talk trash,” Prescott said of the Eagles. “It brings attention.

“If that’s what they want, good for them.”

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