Daisy Ridley's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

the inventor starring stephen fry and daisy ridley
Daisy Ridley's new movie debuts with 100% RT scoreBlue Fox Entertainment

The Inventor, the new film starring Daisy Ridley and Stephen Fry, has debuted with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The animation tells the story of Leonardo da Vinci (Fry), who leaves his birthplace of Italy for France with the aim of bringing his inventions to life.

On his journey of discovery, he meets the “audacious” Princess Marguerite (Ridley), with the pair seeking to answer the eternal question: “what is the meaning of life?”

the inventor starring stephen fry and daisy ridley
Blue Fox Entertainment

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The film, which was written and directed by Jim Capobianco, also stars Matt Berry and Marion Cotillard, and has received rave reviews ahead of its release in the US later this week (September 15).

The film boasts a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from its early reviews, and you can read a selection below:

Cultured Vultures

“A story like this is indeed timeless and quite inspirational for creative individuals to fall back on.”

Screen Zealots

“An adorable (and intellectual) stop-motion animated film that will appeal to adults and kids with a more sophisticated worldview.”

the inventor
Blue Fox Entertainment

Mama’s Geeky

“Takes viewers on an entertaining journey following the life and struggles of one of history's most important men.”

Reeling Reviews

“A great introduction to the original Renaissance man for kids, and a thoughtful consideration of the constraints placed upon his genius by self-serving patrons for adults.”

Movie Nation

“A musically animated jewel about Leonardo Da Vinci’s last years that’s certainly the loveliest animated film of the year thus far.”

Common Sense Media

The Inventor succeeds in showing how da Vinci's imagination fuelled innovation on many fronts and in inspiring viewers to dream big.”

The Inventor is scheduled to be released in the US on September 15; there is currently no news on a UK release date.

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