Dairy Queen Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

Mark your calendars!

<p>Dairy Queen</p>

Dairy Queen

Last month, when Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, we weren’t sure we could really believe the famous groundhog. But, it does seem like spring has sprung in a few parts of the country.

However, even if the weather near you isn’t feeling very springy, we’ve almost made it out of the winter months. So, you know what that means—we all deserve a little treat.

Not just any treat though, a free treat. Because what better way to celebrate the first day of spring than with a free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen Free Cone Day 2024

<p>Dairy Queen</p>

Dairy Queen

Every year for the past seven years, Dairy Queen has been celebrating spring’s arrival with Free Cone Day. This year, the first day of spring falls on March 19, meaning you can enjoy a soft-serve cone on the house any time that day.

On Free Cone Day, any customer can receive a free small vanilla cone at all participating, non-mall Dairy Queen locations nationwide. Mall locations are offering a BOGO deal on the cones. And, yes, you do have to wait in line at the restaurant—either in the store or drive-thru—because Free Cone Day is not valid for mobile or delivery orders.

We know you probably saw the news about the fun, new Confetti Cake Dipped Cone or the return of the beloved Cherry Dipped Cone, but you may have to try those another day. Well, we guess you could get those on March 19, too, they just won’t be free because the deal only covers DQ’s vanilla cone. But we’d never say no to two cones for spring.

Plus, if you’re a DQ Rewards member who buys any food or drinks on Free Cone Day, you’ll get double the points. So there really is no downside to getting a dipped cone—or Blizzard or shake or burger—in addition to your free ice cream.

More First Day of Spring Deals

If you’re up for a bit of a free food tour on the first day of spring, DQ isn’t the only treat you can score. Rita’s Ice has been running a similar deal on the inaugural spring day for the past 25 years. On March 19, you can also enjoy free Italian ice at all Rita’s locations nationwide with no purchase necessary.

We’re not saying that we didn’t enjoy DQ and Rita’s all winter long, but there’s just something about that free treat on a fresh spring day that hits differently.

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