Dairy Queen Is Bringing Back One of Its Most Popular Treats

Fans can’t wait to get this nostalgic treat again.

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

When it comes to Dairy Queen, I tend to fixate on the Blizzard menu, but I love a good dipped cone, too. We thought we just got the best dipped-cone news possible with the announcement of the new spring cone dip flavor, but we had no clue something even more exciting was around the corner. Folks, the cherry-dipped cone is coming back.

Dairy Queen Is Bringing Back the Cherry Dipped Cone

Last year, fans were heartbroken when Dairy Queen discontinued the nostalgic dipped cone flavor. Commenters on social media claimed, "This is the worst day of my life." Luckily for them, a Dairy Queen spokesperson who spoke with confirmed that the Cherry Dipped Cone is officially back.

According to the spokesperson, “We know our fans love the Cherry Dipped Cone, and we’re excited to bring this sweet offering back for a limited time at participating locations.”

Commenters on Instagram are excited about the return, saying, "I am very excited! They need to never be discontinued or limited time ever again," and, "These are my favorite! Can't wait!" Others called it "a childhood favorite" on another post.

That said, there's no guarantee how long the flavor will stick around. The DQ spokesperson said, "We are always innovating our menus to showcase delicious new and fan-favorite flavors for our iconic dipped cone." We know what we'll be eating all summer long (or as long as we can!). And if all else fails, there's always the chocolate-dipped cone.

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