‘The Daily Show‘ Rips Apart Megyn Kelly’s NBC Debut

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Megyn Kelly made her NBC debut on Sunday, and The Daily Show took her to task on her new show. Correspondent Michelle Wolf pointed out that Kelly had a new demeanor. On her show, Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, Kelly played clips of shouting cable news pundits and commented, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Wolf was quick to point out that Kelly spent 12 years as a host on Fox News during which she had acted in the same manner as those she criticized. “Before she was NBC News’s Megyn Kelly, she was Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, a race-baiting puppet Roger Ailes kept trying to put his hand up.”

The Daily Show correspondent pointed out Kelly’s hypocrisy in slamming cable news. She said, “Now she acts all high and mighty, saying she doesn’t watch TV news and only consumes news by print. This is like finding out Ronald McDonald only eats broccoli rabe.”

Wolf continued to poke at Kelly’s switch, remarking, “You’re not the new Barbara Walters, you’re the Sprint-Verizon guy who follows the money. ‘I’m on NBC now, can you hear me now?’”

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